The Eighth China Youth Academic Seminar & Accounting and Corporate Finance Summer School for National Postgraduate Students

In order to promote the development of our national accounting academic research, provide a stage for youth researchers who are engaged in accounting and improve their research abilities and make them more internationalized, Beijing Guanghua management college department and the editorial department of Accounting Research of CIMA organized the The Eighth China Youth Academic Seminar & Accounting and Corporate Finance Summer School for National Postgraduate Student during July 11,2015 to July 15. We sincerely welcome national youth accounting scholars to join the seminar.

1. Schedule

The First Section Accounting Academic Seminar:  from July 11 to July 12

Scope: finance accounting, management accounting, auditing, corporate governance and corporate finance, etc.

Research Method: No limits (including theoretical analysis, large sample empirical, experimental method, field survey, case analysis, etc. )


unpublished working papers (Chinese or English)

please refer to the format of "Accounting Research" or "China Accounting Review", if the working paper is in Chinese

please refer to the format of "China Journal of Accounting Studies", if the working paper is in English

only PDF and Word format are accepcted

Deadline for working papers: June 7, 2015

Applicants need to submit a resume and a representative working paper. The committee will invite less than 60 young accounting scholars (including teachers, doctoral students and post-doctors) according to the materials submitted, and single out eight for the seminar. Conference activities include communicating with the young scholars at Peking University about how to choose titles and research methods, exchanging the experiences of publishing papers both at home and abroad, sharing the excellent report and invited review, participating in the senior scholars’ discussion. Conference will single out eight papers to present and discuss. If the reviewers are satisfied with your revised paper, it may be published at "Accounting Research" or "China Journal of Accounting Studies (CJAS) ".

There is no registration fee, and it is also free for conference material and meals. But you need pay your own expenses, such as transportation, accommodation and so on. Please book hotel by yourself, and refer to the attachment for more details about the hotel surrounding Peking University.

The Second Section   Summer School: from July 13  to July 15

(1) Basic research methods:

Mainly include the methods of corporate finance, finance accounting and management accounting, such as statistic analysis, questionnaire design, experience design and analysis of research methods, etc. All of them could help young scholars understand and mastery how to use different research methods in different fields.

(2)The topic courses:

It consists of three topic group, the topic of financial accounting & capital market, the topic of management accounting & audit control, and the topic of corporate governance & corporate finance. The topic of financial accounting and capital market focuses on analyzing the theory of modern financial accounting report, the role of financial accounting in the capital market, the international comparison of financial accounting and GAAP theory; The topic of management accounting and audit control focuses on the change in the organization and management of production and management which was caused by the activities that technological innovation  using in  industrial activities, and putting forward new requirements to management accounting information, management control mode and audit mechanism arrangement with the concept of management control. The topic of corporate governance and corporate finance focuses on the nature of the company operation, the relationship between capital and assets during enterprise management and the governance issues faced by Chinese enterprises in the transition period, etc.

There are three sections for each topic respectively:

(1)Teaching basic theory

(2)Reporting and discussing certain papers

(3)Discussing students’ own research ideas or articles together

There will be 60 participates, and we encourage master students at the second year or above, doctoral students, post doctoral and young teachers to join us.

The summer school will provide food subsidy for all students, and provide free accommodations for part of excellent foreign students. We are so sorry that we can’t provide accommodations for all foreign students, but we can help foreign students book hotels with favorable prices (except Beijing students).  Please submit a resume before June 7, 2015.The organizing committee will single out papers and students, and announce the results at June 12, 2015.


Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

3. Important Dates

(1)The deadline date for paper and resume: June,7,2015

(2)The date of results notices of paper review: June,12,2015

(3)The date of academic seminar qualification notification: June,12,2015

(4)The date of summer school qualification notification: June,12,2015

4. Registration Method

For Seminar:;

For Summer School:;

5. Contacts

If you have any questions about this conference, please contact Mr.Wang(010-62747035,;or Professor Zhang Ran(;You also could contact Professor Heng Yue for special matters (

Hope for your participation!

Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

Editorial Department of China accounting research

Conference Organizing Committee

May 18, 2015