Funded by the Social Science Prosperity Project of Xiamen University and hosted by Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies (IFAS), the Center for Accounting and Financial Innovations (CAFI) was established in the late of 2014 to offer a state-of-the-art laboratory for conducting teaching and research in finance and accounting.


The aim of the center is to provide cutting-edge teaching and research supports to the affiliated students, faculty members, and researchers. The center has 20 networked and interactive computer desktops with up-to-date configurations and 2 servers for web and computing services. It provides extensive historical and real-time national and international databases, statistical packages, and computing capacity to support advance empirical research in finance and accounting.


Chinese Databases:

- The China Stock Market & Accounting Research (CSMAR) (including high-frequency databases)


- Resset

International Databases:

- CRSP and Compustat under Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

- Datastream

- Thomson One

Statistical Packages:


- EViews

- Stata

- Matlab

Simulation Software

- Net-In-Net