Welcome to visit the website of the Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies (IFAS).

As the only key national social science research platform dedicated to accounting and finance disciplines under the “985 Project”, the IFAS aims to make important contributions not only to financial and accounting fields, but also to the national economic development and growth. In particular, the IFAS is committed to promoting finance and accounting research that serves contemporaneous businesses and societies in China, developing new theories and knowledge from the existing theories and prevailing paradigms, and solving real-life business problems in China.

The IFAS makes great efforts to cultivate long-term relationships among domestic and overseas academic scholars, the Chinese government, and Chinese enterprises, and to nurture a free academic environment so that our faculty members and students can exert their full research potentials. We sincerely welcome outstanding candidates for faculty members and graduate students to join our institute.

Equally important, the IFAS conducts teaching with international standards so as to provide solid academic and practical trainings to talents from the world, who can later compete internationally. We have graduate programs for both domestic and international students. We invite outstanding scholars and industrial elites from home and abroad to give lectures and seminars.

All faculty members and staff of the IFAS uphold Xiamen University’s motto of "Persue Excellence, Strive for Perfection ", and make steady progress to contribute to the development of the university’s reputation in finance and accounting disciplines into the world class, and to be indispensable part of the university’s efforts to become one of the renowned high-level research universities in the world.