Meeting of senior and junior students


In the evening of September 29, 2019, the Institute for Financial Management and Accounting of Xiamen University (IFAS) held a meeting of senior and junior students in Haiyun Teaching Building, Room 104. During the meeting, the senior students, patiently and meticulously, shared their valuable experiences about postgraduate courses, research, as well as the exchange programs—QTEM and mentor selection, which aims to help the new students adapt to IFAS as quickly as possible.

The meeting was hosted by Li Jing, who first introduced the main contents of the meeting and employment situation of previous IFAS students. Then she encouraged the freshmen to cherish their time studying in the IFAS and determine their direction of development with the least delay.

After that, Cui Li, the student in IFAS who started last year, shared her learning experience during the year, including the characteristics of lecturers and grading rubric of courses, and put forward some corresponding learning suggestions.


Cui Li made a speech

Secondly, Chen Fengqin, the student who started in 2017, shared with those who are especially interested in pursuing a PhD degree. Taking her own research and planning as an example, she shared with the new students her rich study life .


Chen Fengqin made a speech

Two 2018 grade students Ye Zhen and Yang Xiaoshan, who have participated in the QTEM program, briefly introduced the QTEM program and shared their life in Monash University via a video.


The introduction of QTEM

Afterwards, each senior student introduced his or her own mentor to the freshmen who are facing the issue of choosing a mentor recently. Lastly came the free discussion section, each new student actively consulted the senior students about the life and study in IFAS.

As the saying goes, one sows and another reaps. This meeting benefited the new students in IFAS a lot!

Photos by: liu Suyi

Written by: Dong Zhiwei