"Next Station, Ai Piah Cia Eh Yia (Dedicate yourself and you will win)" Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies Successfully Held the 2019 Summer Camp for National Outstanding College Students


The Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies of Xiamen University actively responded to the school’s policy of organizing summer camps for national outstanding college students. Since May 2019, under the guidance of the school leaders, the first year students have devoted themselves to the promotion, applicants-selection, material preparation, and event scheduling. Through a series of fruitful work, our institute has attracted hundreds of applications from universities across the country. After comprehensive evaluation and selection, 26 excellent students from Jinan University, Sichuan University, Shandong University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Lanzhou University and so on were admitted to the summer camp.

On July 12th, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, campers from all over the country finished the check-in procedures with the help of the teachers and volunteers. In order to help them better adapt to the new environment, and enhance their sense of identification with our institute, an ice-breaking party was held in the very evening in Room 501, Chengfeng Builiding. Campers, volunteers and international student representatives all participated in the event.


balloons and display boards at the threshold


Lollipops with institute emblem and university emblem


Campers completed forms under the guidance of volunteers

The ice-breaking party was hosted by Suyi Liu, and it kicked off in two promotional videos of Xiamen University. Student representatives Zehao Yan and Xuehua Chen introduced the characteristics of IFAS to participants under the captions: “small and fine”, “international”, “brilliant teacher”, “colorful activities” and “friendly atmosphere”. The following games helped all the participants get familiar with each other and push the atmosphere to the peak. Later, the host introduced the "University Imprint" to help the campers get deeper understanding of Xiamen University. At the Q&A session, volunteers patiently answered the questions raised by the campers and provide valuable suggestions for further study here. Finally, the party ended in a pleasant atmosphere.


Suyi Liu hosted the party


Zehao Yan introduced the institute


Xuehua Chen introduced campus activities




International students’ representatives Dorcas, Emmanuel and Hasan

shared their experiences  



Joy and laughter in the games

In the morning of July 13, our campers attended the opening ceremony of the 2019 Xiamen University Summer Camp for National Outstanding College Students together with the students from other schools. First, Yanjie Liu, deputy director of the admissions office, summarized the activities of the summer camp in 2018 and commended the outstanding units and workers. Zixuan Zhou, secretary of IFAS was one of them and was awarded a certificate. Second, Yu Zizhong, the vice president of the graduate school, warmly welcomed the outstanding college students from all over the country and introduced the history of Xiamen University. Finally, a young chemist Xu Hou led everyone experience the charm of science.


Opening ceremony


Zixuan Zhouthe 6th from rightreceived a prize

In the afternoon of July13th, our campers participated in a special lecture. Qiuxia Hong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Management, first expressed her warm welcome to all the campers. In the speech, Ms. Hong mentioned that everyone should come here with an eagerness to learn, take every activity and assessment seriously, and hope that they can benefit a lot here. Later, Professor Xiaofan Fu, who had lectured in the "Baijia Platform", delivered a special lecture on "Modern Value of Traditional Culture". Mr. Fu explained the past and present of traditional culture in a humorous way which attracted enthusiastic applause from the audience. After the lecture, the campers took a group photo with the professor LihongWang and Secretary Zixuan Zhou at the Jiageng Square.


Address by Qiuxia Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee


Professor Xiaofan Fu delivered the lecture


Group photo of IFAS

The summer camp aims to assess and select outstanding students to project and prosper the image of IFAS in long term. The selection tests were held from July 14 to 15, which included a written examination and an interview in order to comprehensively assess the proficiency, foreign language ability and psychological quality of the campers. In the selection, judges commit themselves and gave fair scores. The performances of the campers also left a deep impression on them.

So far, the 2019 Summer Camp of IFAS has been successfully completed!

                                                                                By Suyi Liu

                                                                                        Photos by Li Cui