Outstanding Alumni Special-Albert


Albert was one of the international students at IFAS from 2013 to 2015 (Supervisor: Pro. Jinshuai Hu) who majored in accounting and went on pursuing a PhD degree in Accounting at the City University of Hong Kong. With the approach of graduation this July, Albert received several offers from world-famous universities including Tulane University. He finally accepted the invitation from HEC Paris as an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Management Control.


His research interests include corporate political interactions; corporate disclosure (including social media); corporate governance; debt contracting; financial reporting quality; audit pricing, regulation and quality. Recently, the paper written by his supervisor Prof. Jinshuai Hu, him and Prof. Albert Tsang from York University, Canada has been accepted by the well-known Journal of International Accounting Research.

Looking back on his academy journey, Albert says that he can’t make it without the unconditional love of his family. Especially, he is grateful to his grandma, who singlehandedly raised him and had given him the education that served as the precursor to his postgraduate studies and accomplishments.

Talking about his study and life in IFAS, Albert mentioned the following as the reason for enrolling at XMU: “IFAS is part of the prestigious XMU that offers internationally competitive postgraduate programs in Accounting and Finance. During my postgraduate study, IFAS not only offered me the opportunity to make international friends, but also equipped me with fundamentally important research skills that I still make use of today in conducting research”. While in IFAS, Albert took an active part in attending seminars and broadening his horizon. His intelligence and diligence have left a deep impression on the faculty of IFAS. His academic passion is evident from his publications as well as working papers, which he has presented at several top international accounting conferences. As a productive researcher and one who has recently landed a faculty position in a world-class business school in HEC Paris, his advice to current PhD students at IFAS is as follows: “the key to getting others to spot you among a pool of high caliber job candidates is doing something that is novel. That means your job market paper has to stand out from the rest.”

As an international family, IFAS welcomes domestic and foreign applicants who are interested in improving their professional competence and academic capacity. As one of the outstanding graduates of our school, Albert Kwame Mensah pursues his academic dreams and leaves his footprints in more than half of the world. It is the best proof of the international schooling characteristics and teaching philosophy of our institute. His deeds have also greatly inspired the master students: Once you set a goal, make every endeavor to achieve it. Keep in mind that IFAS is always behind you, please open your wings and chase your dream bravely.