IFAS, We Will Meet Again-- Farewell to the 2021 Graduates


        In golden June, the phoenix flower blossoms. Looking back at the fleeting years, we sang farewell songs to the graduates, hoping that they would have a bright future. The graduates, carrying backpacks full of hope, are about to leave the big family of IFAS to open a new chapter in life. Adhering to the good tradition of seeing off graduates upon the time of parting, the Student Union held a graduate teacher-student party at 19:00 on June 3rd. Mr. Jinshuai Hu, Mr. Maoliang Li, Mr. Ruan Jun, Mr. Zengyuan Sun, Ms. Fangfang Hou, and Ms. Xiaoqi Chen attended the event.

Graduate teacher-student party

      With Suyi Liu 's violin performance, the party officially kicked off. Firstly, Prof. Jinshuai Hu sincerely expressed his hopes and wishes to the graduates. He said that the postgraduate stage is a turning point in life where the transition from "passive" learning to "active" initiation takes place. He hopes that all graduates will be grateful to the country and society for their investment in education, and pay back what they have learned to 
the society and become useful talents.

Speech by Prof. Jinshuai Hu

     Next, on behalf of the graduates, Suyi Liu came to the stage to speak. She expressed her sincere gratitude and blessings to our alma mater. As she said, we will never forget that the phoenix flower blossoms in two seasons, one season to welcome the new year and one season to bid farewell. Outside the long pavilion and beside the old road, we will bid farewell to the graduates and wish each other a better and brighter tomorrow.

Speech by Suyi Liu

      Then came the wonderful teacher-student communication session. Teachers and graduating students randomly select questions to answer. The teachers answered the questions seriously and put forward valuable suggestions from the heart for all the students on work, life, study, and emotion management as well.

Dr. Maoliang Li answering the questions

     Immediately afterwards, the party ushered in a relaxed and cheerful show performance. First, the international students brought the guitar to sing, the melodious singing accompanied by the soft and crisp string music, everyone was full of praise. Then Anqi Chen and Yinglong Yang expressed their congratulations on the graduation of the seniors with a song "Don't Say Goodbye", and a faint sadness of parting came to their hearts. But the following dance "The alliance of lovelorn" completely ignited the audience. The playful dance and lively music showed youthful demeanor and showed a positive attitude towards the future. As the party reached its climax, Rongbi Zhou brought a violin to play "Always with me". Afterwards, Liu Ke sang a song "Distant Songs" to bless the graduates. In the end, graduates Li Jing and Yuqing Hao recalled the love of the third grade classmates with beautiful dances.

Performance from international students

Anqi Chen and Yinglong Yang--"Don't Say Goodbye"

Dance-- "The alliance of lovelorn"

"Always with me" by Rongbi Zhou

A song from Liu Ke

Dance from Li Jing and Yuqing Hao

      In between the performances, the host also guided everyone to participate in the game sessions, including "You draw and I guess" and "Skip the seven". The game mobilized all teachers and students to participate together, and the atmosphere on the scene was very warm. The friendship between teachers and students in the game is further deepened, narrowing the distance among each other. 

Group photo of everyone 

      At the end of the party, under the singing of " The intersection of phoenix flowers", all the teachers and students took a group photo, keeping a snapshot of laughter and tears at the party. Aftertaste is like a song, reverie is like a song, parting is not the end and we do not say goodbye tonight. We sincerely wish all the graduates of IFAS to have a bright future!

From: Xiya Yan

Ziyu Zhou