IFAS 2013 PhD Student Lu Yu



When the evening lights lit, the sun setting, the waves lapping at the quiet beach, the drum and bell lingering, Xiamen University exudes the wisdom and intellectual glow. Sometimes I asked myself, why would you come to this famous university in the South China Sea coast? In pursuit of academic dreams, realize the value of life in the halls of knowledge to get the praise of people around? Few people may be able to give a clear answer, but isn’t it exactly the true meaning of life? Self-improvement as perfection, just as the school motto tells us.

Have ideas, goals and dreams; to plan, prepare and work on. The process of trying is a kind of awe-inspiring success, to recall the road leads to graduation; I believe that every student has a lot of words to say. However, after my graduation from Institute of Financial and Accounting Studies (IFAS), I calm down and think about it carefully, there have been laughter and tears, frustration and proud, all the hardness and sadness can be laughed at today. Perspiration in the self-study room in exchange for a satisfactory result; fully preparations before class achieve a successful class discussion; cooperation in a team job harvests intimate partners and friends.

Thank God for giving me such a fate, let me met you in my best times, my IFAS, my dear teachers and classmates! There are talented professors with wide vision, intimate students with similar ambitions, enthusiastic lovely and helpful teaching secretary and modern convenient teaching facilities as well. Six years passed, I have grown up from an immature and confused bachelor into a confident and mature PhD student. Everything here is the most precious memories in my life, gradually, the blessing hand of God open the door a little bit for me. We met with IFAS, and also with each other, only need to find a better ourselves at the corner of street in our life. Perhaps ten or twenty years later, when I open a New Year message sent from a remote friend long time no see, all the sweet memories will rise in my mind again with natural rise in the mouth and very warm feelings. Those years in the tail of youth are so happy and beautiful, because it is a kind of simple and pure happy, because we were so young, fearless and glorious. Wish you all the best!