IFAS 2013 Overseas Master Student MATEUSZ PAWEL GAJEWSKI



I arrived in Xiamen in September 2013 to study masters in accounting at the Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies at Xiamen University and so far I am very pleased with my studies, the quality of teaching and the progress I am making. During the first semester at Xiamen University I found the studies content quite overwhelming. However, thanks to the support of all the professors, the additional time they spent on explaining the material content to students and the substitute courses offered by IFAS in order to help to strengthen our background knowledge in subjects such as Econometrics and Microeconomics, helped me to manage my study balance and made me very positive about my further study experience at IFAS. I believe that the first semester is always a challenge in adjusting to different teaching methods and the new learning environment for both the students and the professors. Regarding the time free of studies at Xiamen University, I really enjoy living at the campus where I am able to meet people from around the world and share with them my travel experiences as well as listen to their stories, learning more about their cultures.  I also enjoy the city landscape which I find very beautiful and relaxing; being surrounded by palms, beaches, temples and most importantly lots of sun, makes Xiamen and the Xiamen University a perfect place to live and study.