Application for Academic Dissertation and Paper Publication Regulations for Graduate Students of IFAS, Xiamen University


Consistent with Xiamen University Postgraduate Application for Paper Publications, the following rules and guidelines has been issued by the Institute of Financial and Accounting Studies for all graduate students of the institute (including all international students):

1.  All graduate students are hereby encouraged to publish high quality papers.

Paper publication is a necessary requirement for graduate students when applying for a Master Degree, however, graduate students are encouraged to publish papers not just for the sole aim of academic degree, but to engage in academic research with high quality.

2.  Application Requirements for Doctoral Degree Publication.

v  High quality paper publication is strongly encouraged and should be submitted through formal channels. Please note that academic misconduct and submission of papers of low standard will strongly be opposed.

v  Requirements regarding the quality and quantity of Academic Paper Publications. 

  Doctorate students prior to receiving doctoral degree, should publish papers related to the dissertations listed on the Xiamen University Core Journals Catalogue as directed by the University Personnel Office or listed International Journals in the Institute of Finance and Accounting Studies Journal Catalogues (see the excel sheet attached) as the first author or corresponding author (the student will be regarded as the first author on situations where his/her supervisor is the first author of the publication) with Xiamen University as the initial publication unit for all related publications related to the Doctoral degree dissertation. Furthermore, graduate students must at least satisfy one of the following conditions:

a.        At least publish one academic paper on a second-tier International journal or above.

b.        Publish one academic paper on the Optimal Journal.

c.         Publish two academic papers on first-tier Core Journals.

v    Guidelines on quantity of academic paper publications.

  The number of papers published in Xiamen University and other affiliated Core Academic Publishing Journals will be regarded only as one (1) publication regardless of the actual quantity of publication.

3.This regulation and guideline is applicable starting from 2014 academic session

postgraduate students. This rule will not be strictly applied to 2013 and earlier academic session postgraduate students.

4.This regulation and guidelines is subject to explanation by the Institute of   Financial and Accounting Studies Academic Degree Assessment Committee.


                        Academic Degree Assessment Committee

                 IFAS, Xiamen University

                 2nd December, 2016.


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