When the phoenix flowers blossoms, we pass the torch-- farewell to the 2021 graduates


      At 15:00 on June 2, 2021, the Student Union of IFAS held the 2021 graduate experience communication meeting in Room 501, Building 2, Jiageng, and invited three representatives of the 2018 graduates to share their experiences. Classes of 2020 and 2019 participated in this meeting.

Beginning of the meeting

      The exchange meeting was hosted by Anqi Chen. The meeting was divided into three parts: guest introduction, free questioning and group photo session. The first part is the sharing of Suyi Liu. As a student representative for pursing Ph.D. study, Suyi Liu explained the application deadlines and application points of different schools, introduced the key points of different schools when applying, and emphasized the need to clarify goals as soon as possible, so as to do a good job of subtraction in life; She also pointed out the need to do plan B to add weight to life. In the free questioning session, Suyi Liu answered the question of how to read papers efficiently, and pointed out that it is necessary to determine the topic in advance and select articles from top journals. While reading classical literature, we should also dabble in the latest studies. In specific reading, you can first judge whether the article meets the needs by reading the abstract, and then continue to read the empirical models and other parts of the paper.

Introduction from Suyi Liu

      Next comes the sharing by Yuqing Hao, mainly about job applications for brokerage companies, banks, and Internet companies. Hao Yuqing had internships in China Securities Investment Research, Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Seller Research, etc. Finally she received offers from companies such as Ali, Huawei, China Agricultural Development Bank, Bohai Bank, GF Securities, and PWC. Yuqing Hao shared the experience of internships, interviews for different jobs, and emphasized that students need to try more to understand their best direction as soon as possible and plan ahead.

Introduction from Yuqing Hao

      Finally, Mengni Chen, as a representative of the selection graduates, guided the selection and relevant experience of the civil service examination. Mengni Chen first introduced the concept of selecting graduates, that is, government goes to each school to select excellent graduates to enter the relevant systems. Then She shared the "Jiangsu Prestigious School Selection Plan" in Suzhou, Nanjing and other regions, and introduced in detail the test preparation process. At last, Mengni Chen shared the official Wechat account and learning resources of civil examination.

Introduction from Mengni Chen

      Next, students asked the graduates freely, and the graduates made supplements to the relevant experiences. Amidst laughter and joy, all the students took a group photo and recorded the precious moments. So far, the experience exchange meeting has come to a successful conclusion.

Group photo

From: Xiya Yan

Mingli Lv