Teambuilding of IFAS on Baicheng Beach


During 9:00-11:30 on November 10th, 2020, student union of Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies (IFAS) successfully held an activity called Bobing. With gusts of breeze and bright sunshine, the Bobing game officially started on the beautiful Baicheng beach. Students from different grades and different countries gathered here, and Hou Fangfang, a teacher representative of IFAS, also attended the event.

Opening Ceremony of Bobing

The activity began at 10:00 am. First, the host, Huang Doudou introduced the basic rules of this activity and divided participants into six groups. After that, Hou Fangfang, representative of teacher, delivered a speech, announcing the official start of the Bobing activity. Bobing event officially kicked off with happy laughers and cheerful voices.

Speech by Teacher Hou Fangfang

This activity was divided into two parts. Part one is the competition within six groups. Students competed intensively and chatted happily, generously shared their harvest and joy.

                                                                 Expecting to make a fortune

The "No.1" smiled delightedly

Miss Hou and students played together

Then came the most exciting part of this event. The "No. 1 winners" of each group gathered together and competed for the ultimate prize. In the end, a senior student Yin Yujia won the highest award of this event.

(Competition between groups winners)

(Miss Hou and the final winner)

The happy time is always short, and the 2020 Bobing event gradually come to an end. All the teachers and students participating in the event took a group photo on the beach of Baicheng, leaving precious and joyful memories. "Culture has no borders, finance and accounting are one family". All the students of IFAS gather together to get to know each other. We have the reason to believe that we will together create a brilliant future.

Group photo

Photos: Ziyu Zhou

Contents: Xiya Yan, Jinying Tang