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Furong Lake ripples Welcome the new 2020

On 9/11/2020, the Institute of Financial Management and Accounting Studies (Hereinafter referred to as "IFAS") welcomed new 2020 students from Fujian, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Guizhou, Jiangsu and other provinces across the country. Furong Lake, the place for registration, witnessed these students’ new journey to Xiamen University. At the scene, Miss Zhou and the volunteers patiently answered the freshmen's questions about enrollment, study and life, and the freshmen expressed their heartfelt thanks to the enthusiastic teachers and students of IFAS

Registration of Freshmen

IFAS brain-trust Who competes with the sharp edge

At 3:00 p.m. on 9/13/2020, the election of the class committee of the 2020 freshmen was held in the classroom of Nanqiang 308. Lin Zhehao and Chen Qing, all freshmen of class 2020 and committee members of class 2019 participated in the activity. Lin Zhehao, leader of class 2019, presided over the election of class committee members.

Active participation of freshmen

At the beginning, each freshman has made a self-introduction. Starting from their own talents, favorite food, and hometown, the freshmen talked feverishly about their past experience and plans for the future——whether they would further pursue a doctor's degree or take an career in industry. Those youthful and confident faces showed IFAS’ energetic and enterprising spirits. Then, the election of class committee came next. Fifteen freshmen attended the meeting and all positions were approved by full vote. The final session is Q&A, in which the freshmen actively asked questions about school life, academic studies, and extra-curriculum activities, etc. Senior students patiently answered them and shared their own experiences. In the end, a group photo brought this event to a successful close.

Class Committee Election

A torch is passed from generation to generation

On 9/19/2020, the IFAS held a meeting between new and old students in Jiageng 2501. Lin Zhehao presided over the meeting.

From the perspective of curriculum learning, Chen Nuo shared her learning experience as well as points that should be paid attention to in taking all the relevant coursework.

Sharing of Learning Methods

Wu Haozhou introduced the QTEM project and his preparation for CPA with vivid language and rich information, which benefited the freshmen a lot.

Sharing of QTEM and CPA

Dong Zhiwei shared her rich and diverse internship experience, including internship delivery, interview experience, career planning, resume preparation, and so on. The scene atmosphere was very active. Junior students asked questions actively and Dong Zhiwei answered them patiently. For junior students, this was a rich spiritual feast.

Sharing of Internship Experience

Xiang Yuangao shared his life and spiritual pursuit of the doctoral degree. Yuangao briefly summarized his academic career and vividly introduced his insight for academic research. In his words, “once you dive into the deep sea of studying, you will set sail and seek for your bright future”.

Sharing of Academic Experience

Next, all the senior students shared their experiences of communicating with their mentors and tutors. They shared everything they know sincerely and unreservedly.

Sharing of Tutors

Finally, the participants have taken a group photo. All the freshmen expressed their longing and yearning for their new life at IFAS.

Group Photo of the Senior and Junior Students

So far, the class of 2020 freshmen welcome activity has come to a successful end. As an old saying goes, all rivers finally flow into the sea. May all the IFAS students face the wind and waves bravely and fly into the sky. Wish them full of thirst for knowledge, work hard and forge ahead!

Photos: Chen Qing

Contents: Chen Qing