Painting for Special Memories: IFAS Creating a Graffito in the Fu Rong Tunnel


The IFAS Students Union organized a graffito-painting activity for the staff and students of IFAS in the Fu Rong Tunnel No. 81 from the 28th – 30th November, 2018 to provide an opportunity for everyone to reveal his or her talents.


(Students painting at Fu Rong Tunnel No.81)

Although not professional, every student who participated was fully involved and dedicated. The inspiration of graffito came from students’ studies and lifestyles in IFAS, and an idea of a united and close community of students from different countries. The graffito depicted a huge board game of a typical life of a graduate student in IFAS. Every square was designed with exceptionally bright colors which displays an effervescent spirit. Included in the graffito were the different continents of students, well-known cute cartoon characters and some word arts illustrating small jokes which were shared by IFAS students. The entire process was full of joy which induced many teachers and students to pick up brushes to start their own paintings.


(Professor Sun Zengyuan also participated in painting)

This graffito painting activity has been a dream come true for many students in IFAS and exceeded the expectations of everyone in a very satisfying way. This activity did not only release students from the pressures from studies, but also stimulated their creativity and enhanced their spirits of cooperation. With this graffito, IFAS has its name marked in the tenderest form ever.


(The completed graffito of IFAS)


  (Group photo of some participants after finishing the graffito)

                                                                                                                                      By Kong Mengxue