Title: Professor

Office: Room 507-3, CHENGFENG BLDG

Tel: +86-592-2180580

Email: ghzhang@xmu.edu.cn

2001-2005 Ph.D. in Accounting, Erasmus University Rotterdam

1985-1988 MA, in Accounting, Northesast Forestry Universtiy

1981-1985 BA, in forestry economy, Northesast Forestry Universtiy

2011-present   Professor, Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies,

Xiamen University 

2010-2011    Visiting Professor of Accounting, School of Accounting, Law and Management Faculty, La Trobe University (Australia) 

2006-2008    Postdoctor, Post Doctoral Working Station in Business Administration, Xiamen University 

2000-2001    Visiting scholar, Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

2000-present   Porfessor, Harbin University of Commerce

Financial Accounting

Research Method and Methodology in Accounting (Master’s Programs)

Financial Accounting Principles (1+1 Master’s Program)

Advanced Accounting (Master’s program)

Tax Planning (Master’s Program)

Financial Statement Analysis (Master’s Program)

Managerial/Cost Accounting (1+1 Master’s Program)

Selected Publications (2010-2015)

1.Qu, X., & Zhang, G. (2015). Value-relevance of earnings and book value over the institutional transition in China: the suitability of fair value accounting in this emerging market. The International Journal of Accounting, 50(2), 195-223.

2.Qu, X., & Zhang,G. (2015). Response to the Discussant Comments on the “Value-Relevance of Earnings and Book Value Over the Institutional Transition in China: The Suitability of Fair Value Accounting in this Emerging Market”International Journal of Accounting 50 (2) Pages 229–236.

3.Zhang, G., Boyce, G., & Ahmed, K. (2014). Institutional changes in university accounting education in post-revolutionary China: From political orientation to internationalization. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 25(8), 819-843.

4.Qu, Xiaohui and Guohua Zhang, 2010, Measuring the Convergence of National Accounting Standards with International Financial Reporting Standards: The Application of Fuzzy Clustering Analysis, The International Journal of Accounting, 2010, 45(3):334-355.

5.Zhang, R., Qu, X., Zhang Guohua, On the Motivations and Determinants of the Selection of Investment Property Measurement Mode: Empirical Evidence from China’s A-Share Market, Contemporary Finance & Economics, 2014, 356 (7): 115-128.

Research Grants

1.MOE Key Grant: Design on International Converged Fair Value Measurement Model and Related Test, 2014-2017, Principal Investigator.

2.National Social Science Foundation Key Grant: Research on Fair Value Information Collection and Index Construction, 2013-2016, Principal participants.

3.National Natural Science Grant: Will the convergence of accounting standards bring the convergence of accounting practice? ——the study on converged standards’ implementation, 2010-2012, Principal participants.

4.Ministry of Human Resource Grant: Quantitative Research on Standards Internationalization, funded by of China, 2007-2008, Project Director.

5.Provincial Scientific and Technological Grant: Quantitative Research on CAS Internationalization, 2006- 2008, Principal Investigator.

6.Provincial Natural Science Grant: Research on Assuring System of Heilongjiang Accounting Information Quality, 2005-2006, Principal Investigator.

7.Constructing Legalized Accounting Administration System, funded by Heilongjiang Education Bureau, 2006- 2008, Principal Investigator.

8.Theory and Practice of ABC Based High Education Costing System, Project of Higher Education Society of China, 2007- 2009, Principal Investigator.

9.Research and Practice of the Way and Methods for Strengthening Students’ Quality in Accounting Course Designing and Teaching, Project of the Eleventh Plan of Heilongjiang Education Science, 2006- 2008, Principal Investigator.

Working Papers

  1. The Adoption of Fair Value in China and its Economic Consequence

Monograph (in printed):

1.Environmental Factors in China’s Financial Accounting Development since 1949, Rotterdam: Erasmus University Rotterdam, January, 2005 (Doctoral thesis)

2.Measuring International Convergence of China’s Accounting Standards, Heilongjiang University Press, Harbin, 2012.12,

Refereed Conference Presentations and Discussions

2016  39th European Accounting Association Annual Congress, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

2016 2016 Annual Meeting of American Accounting Association, New York, the USA.

2015  International Conference on Education, Management and Systems Engineering (2015 EMSE), Phuket, Thailand.

2015  8th Accounting History International Conference (8AHIC), August 19-21, 2015, Ballarat, Australia.

2014  2014 International Conference on Accounting and Information Technology & 2014 Asia Conference on Accounting and Society & Spring School, Taiwan.

2013  25th Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues, Bali, Indonesia, Presented at concurrent session.

2013  The First Asian Conference on Accounting and Society, Sendai, Japan. Presented at Plenary.

2012  2012 The Illinois International Accounting Symposium, Niagra Fall, Canada, Presented at Plenary Session.

2012  2012 Annual Meeting of American Accounting Association, Washington DC, USA, Presented at concurrent session.

2011  2011 Annual Meeting of American Accounting Association, Denver, Colorado, USA, Presented at concurrent session.

2010  The Sixth International Accounting History Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, Presented at concurrent session.

2008  The Illinois International Accounting Symposium, Kozminski Business School, Warsaw, Poland, Presented at Plenary

2008  Annual Meeting of American Accounting Association held in Anaheim, California, 3-6 August 2008, Presented at concurrent session.

2007  The Second Lixin Academic Meeting in Accounting Education Reform and Development, Shanghai, Presented at concurrent session.

2006  Annual Meeting of Accounting Professor Association of China, Guangzhou, July, Presented at concurrent session.

2005  The Fourth International Accounting History Conference, Portugal.

2004  The Fourth Accounting and Finance International Conference, Accounting Education Reform and Development, Xiamen.

2004  The Fourth International Symposium on the Issues of Financial Accounting and Finance, Accounting Education Reform and Development, Xiamen.

Academic Membership

European Accounting Association, Europe

American Accounting Association,USA

Senior member of Chinese Accounting Association,PRC

Chinese Institute of CPA,PRC


《Asian Journal of Business and Accounting》

《Emerging Market Finance and Trade》

《AAA Annual Conference》

《Asian Accounting Review》

《African Journal of Business Management》

《Journal of Accounting & Marketing》

《Chongqing University Academic Journal (Social Science)》

《Contemporary Accounting Review》