Title: Associate Professor

Office: Room 509-4, CHENGFENG BLDG

Tel: +86-592-2182551

Email: xiaoouyu@xmu.edu.cn

Ph.D. in Accounting, University of Houston

M.S. in Mathematics, University of Houston

B.S. in Mathematics, Qingdao University


Associate Professor of Accounting, Xiamen University, 08/2021 – Present

Assistant Professor of Accounting, Xiamen University, 06/2017 – 07/2021

Assistant Professor of Accounting, California State University Long Beach, 08/2014–05/2017 

Financial Reporting, Debt Contracting, Earnings Management, and Corporate Finance
1.Capital Market Research (Graduate)

2.Financial Accounting Principles (Undergraduate)

3.Business English (Undergraduate)

XIAOOU YU202204.pdf


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