2018 Summer Camp of IFAS Was Successfully Held

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In accordance with the policy of Xiamen University, Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies has been in the work of organizing this year’s national summer camp for undergraduates since the start of May. With the support from leaders of the institute, admission promotion, camper selection, material preparation and activity arrangements were methodically conducted. After several rounds of selection, 28 outstanding undergraduates from famous Chinese universities around the country, such as Shandong University etc., finally received their offers of the summer camp.

Communication and icebreakers: the first impression on IFAS

On July 13, new campers successively completed the check-in process with the help from teachers and volunteers. To make new campers familiarize with each other and accommodate themselves to the new environment, also, to improve their understanding of the spirits of IFAS, a communication meeting attended by professor Li Shan and Chinese & International master students as well as new campers was held at Chengfeng Building, 501. 



Kong Mengxue hosted the communication meeting. It started with a promotional film of Xiamen University and a short video about the study and life in IFAS. Professor Li Shan gave the new campers a warm welcome speech as the representative of faculty. Then, the representatives of master students, Sun Tianxiang and Joseph Sowahfio Sowah, shared some experiences in IFAS, and introduced its characteristics of “small but excellent”, “internationalism”, “distinguished faculty”, “rich activities”, “friendliness and coordination” in a humorous way.

After the speech, some Chinese and International students performed a short melodrama about the daily life and study in the institute. The chorus of Try Everything at the end of the performance completely lightened the atmosphere.

In the part of icebreaker games, all the new campers were divided into four groups,requested to design a logo and come up with a creative group name through discussion within 15 minutes. After each group presenting the name and logo, campers voted for the best design, Group 4 luckily won the title and each group member received a small gift from the volunteers. The next game was “Guessing the Words”. Campers of one group stood in line, and were only allowed to pass on the meaning of a specific Chinese phrase with body language. Then the last one in the line should write down the words he or she guessed on the white board. The funny gestures and unexpected misinterpretation made the process of the game full of laughter, and the sense of strangeness melted. At last, the group with the least correct answers received the punishment: each of them squeezed a balloon. The last game was an extra mission to let campers know more about XMU, called “Imprint of XMU”. The host introduced the rules and left a task for every group in the next few days.

After the icebreaker games, the host left some time for Q&A, giving new campers some opportunities to communicate directly with the master students of IFAS present at the meeting. All questions were answered carefully, and the communication meeting ended in a convivial and delightful atmosphere. 


(Prof. Li Shan’s Speech)


(Icebreaker Games)


(Icebreaker Games)

Opening ceremonies of the university and the institute

On the morning of July 14, all the campers of IFAS attended the opening ceremony of 2018 national summer camp for the outstanding undergraduates of Xiamen University together with the campers of other institutes and schools. At the ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Zhan Xinli, expressed a warm welcome to the students of the summer camps of the whole school, and introduced the students' achievements in Xiamen University. Later, Professor Zhu Shuiyong from the School of Humanities introduced the cultural heritage and glorious history of Xiamen University in humorous language.



(Vice Chancellor’s Speech)

In the afternoon, the opening ceremony of IFAS was held at Chengfeng Building 501. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Li Shan, and attended by the Vice Dean Prof. Hu Jinshuai, Professor Li Shan and Professor Yu Xiaoou.

Firstly, the Vice Dean, Professor Hu Jinshuai welcomed all the new campers, and gave a detailed introduction of the history and status of IFAS. In his speech, he mentioned that all the members of faculty of IFAS graduated from famous universities around the world with superior teaching and researching ability. The institute vigorously carried out exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts. All the courses are in English within small-sized classes, and there would be many programs for students to exchange abroad. Professor Hu also introduced the employment opportunities of the graduates of IFAS, emphasizing that the graduates of IFAS were all highly competitive in both practical and academic circles.

Afterwards, Professor Yu Xiaoou spoke as the representative of faculty. He presented the characteristics and advantages of the institute from the perspectives of internationalism and diversification. Then, after the Q&A about research and exchange programs, Professor Li Shan expressed her best wishes and expectations of the campers, and the ceremony reached its end in a pleasant atmosphere.

After the ceremony, all the professors, new campers and some volunteers took a photo in front of Songen Building.


(Vice Dean’s Speech)


(Professor Yu Xiaoou’s Speech)


(Professor Li Shan Hosting the Opening Ceremony)

Academic lecture

After the ceremony, the campers went to the third floor of Keli Building to listen to the lecture on finance research by Professor Wu Shinong, who is now the professor of finance at Xiamen University, doctoral tutor, and vice president of Xiamen University.

On the evening of July 14, the institute invited Professor Liu Feng, who is a professor of accounting at Xiamen University and doctoral tutor, to give a lecture on the origin of accounting for campers. Vice President Hu Jinshuai hosted the lecture. During the lecture, Professor Liu explained the origin and development of accounting research from a very interesting and unique view. At the end of the lecture, Professor Liu patiently answered questions from campers about master students’ study and research. 


(Professor Wu Shinong’s Lecture)


(Professor Liu Feng’s Lecture)

Assessment and selection

An important purpose of the summer camp is to assess and select outstanding undergraduates, and therefore enhance the future development of the institute. On July 15, the selection examination was successfully held. The selection combined a written examination and an interview, which could comprehensively assess the professional ability, English level and psychological quality of campers. During the assessment, all the professors of IFAS were dedicated and gave their responsible sores, and they were deeply impressed by the comprehensive quality of this class of campers.

Visiting Huihe Stone Culture Park

On the morning of July 16, the institute organized a trip for campers to the Huihe Stone Culture Park, which was one of the visiting places of the presidents of China and Russia during the BRICS summit, to let them experience the charm of Minnan culture. The campers visited the Stone Carving Art Museum, and they participated in the traditional shadow engraving and painting, which is on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, under the guidance of professional shadow carving technicians. Through the visiting, the campers from nationwide were deeply enchanted by the traditional Minnan culture. 


(Visiting the Huihe Stone Culture Park)

After the trip, the institute held a farewell luncheon as well as closing ceremony, which was hosted by Sun Tianxiang. The Vice Dean, Professor Hu Jinshuai, the representatives of faculty, Professor Li Shan, Professor Sun Zengyuan, Professor Yu Xiaoou, Professor Si Yi, and the Administrative Chief Ye Ling attended the luncheon. Professor Hu firstly acknowledged the excellent performance in the summer camp, and expressed his hope that all the campers could memorize the moving and pleasant moments during their stay here, and he concluded his speech with his sincere wishes to the campers.

Then, the representative of campers, Li Xinzhe, shared her experiences during the four-day summer camp, and talked about her admiration of the esteemed faculty members and advanced academic environment. She thanked the institute for this precious opportunity to communicate with other undergraduates, and wished to meet those friends again next year in IFAS.

The Vice Dean, Professor Hu Jinshuai congratulated all the campers and awarded them with a certificate and a specially designed souvenir, and then took a photo with each group of the campers. 


(Vice Dean’s Speech at the Luncheon)


(The Speech of the Representative of Campers, Li Xinzhe)


(Professor Hu and a Group of Campers)

The luncheon successfully rounded out the 2018 summer camp.


(All the 2018 Campers with Faculty and Some Volunteers)


                                                                  By Kong Meng Xue&Dewes Steffen