“Spreading local traditional culture across continents,linking the hearts of IFAS students together” ——The Bo Bing activity of IFAS in 2017

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After the continuous hard work in arrangements for almost a month, one of the cultural exchange activities, Bo Bing, was held at the seaside in the afternoon of October 20, 2017 by the Students Association of IFAS. With gentle sea breeze blowing over the Bai Cheng Beach, the students of IFAS joined together in this activity, which was combined with both tradition and internationalization, to present the enchantment and the self-confidence of local traditional culture. The activity enhanced the bond among the students along with improving the sense of cohesion.


The activity took place at 15:30. In the beginning, the two hosts, Karen Kong and Abigail Achiaa, introduced the folk tradition of this particular activity called “Bo Bing” in Xiamen. Then, all the participants, both local students and international students from grade one to grade three, were randomly divided into five groups. They played the game and chatted with each other pleasantly, whose hearty laughter and cheers had melted the barrier of language and bridged the gulf between local and international students. 


The competition for the biggest prize among the champions of all groups made the activity reach a climax. In the end, Zhan Lian, who is from the first grade of IFAS, turned out to be the luckiest winner in that afternoon.


With the end of this delightful activity, the enchantment of local traditional culture had been profoundly spread among the international students. Daniel, who is from Ghana, said, “It was really fun and we hope to see more of these activities in the future”. We strongly believe that during their remaining days in IFAS, with increasingly frequent communication, the students of IFAS will cherish those opportunities more to bond and cooperate with each other, and create a promising and bright future together as a real family.


                                  (By Kong Mengxue