IFAS Joins EFMD Global Talent Network

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EFMD Global Network, together with HigherED, has published the first student placement portal in the world (http://highered.efmdglobal.org/). It’s now the biggest talent community all over the world, which provides students, colleges and enterprises with an international exchange platform.

The portal has more than 900 institution members from 86 countries all over the world. As an EQUIS accredited member, IFAS and School of Management at Xiamen University are one of the few business schools that have access to its service, which is offered to EFMD accredited members only.

On this portal, you can get access to job offers from well-known enterprises such as Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, as well as updated business news. To explore more, please register and get started NOW.

How to:

1. Click the link


2. Click “New User?”, register with your stu.xmu.edu.cn account, and then“Get started”.


3. Log on your XMU account and do the verification as the email suggested.

4. Click the link:
https://xmu.higheredtalent.org/Login, and start your exploration.