2017 Summer Camp for National Excellent Undergraduates Was Successfully Held by IFAS

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The Institute of Financial and Accounting Studies (IFAS) of Xiamen University, held its 3rd national college students summer camp which lasted for 5 days, from 14th to 18th of July, 2017. More than 60 students from China’s prestigious and top universities applied for the camp. After scrutiny and comprehensive evaluation, only 23 of the applicants, who are from Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and other national key universities, were selected to attend the summer camp. The five-day summer camp was comprised of many interesting activities ranging from the opening ceremony to the dean’s talk; from assessment to expert lecture; from study tour to farewell lunch. What intrigued the campers the most was the perfect blend of rigorous academic atmosphere and culturally diverse harmonic environment in IFAS.  


                           (group photo of campers)

Communication and Icebreaking

On 14th July, with the help of staff and volunteers, the campers completed the enrollment successfully. This was followed by an eventful evening full of fun activities which was aimed at getting the students acquainted to the institute and environment. This event was attended by Ms. Li Shan, as the staff representative, as well as student representatives and volunteers. To start the night, Li Guocheng and Prince, who represented the Chinese and International students respectively, gave short speeches about their experiences in Xiamen University as students of IFAS. The prospective students were really impressed by the fact that IFAS was not only an institute but also more of a family which brought people from all over the world together to help them unleash their potential and train them to become great leaders of the future.  


             (IFAS domestics student representative shares life experience)


        (IFAS international student representative shares life experience)

The introductions were followed by the icebreaking part of the night. Firstly, the students (both the campers and volunteers) introduced themselves and used a symbol that they liken themselves to either in the form of an animal or food like cat, dog, pig, dumplings, hot pot, apple, banana, dolphin, panda and eagle. One could picture a zoo and banquet from the list of things that was mentioned. Secondly, the campers were divided into 5 teams and one international student volunteer joined each group to play the “pick and act” game. The first student had the opportunity to see the idiom and passed  the meaning to the next member through gestures and facial expressions until reaching the last member who would guess the idiom by speaking it out loud. A lot of funny and interesting physical performance went on that night as the members tried their possible best to communicate with each other without distorting the message. However, the information got mixed up along the chain many times. After the game, the groups with the least number of correct guesses had to entertain the crowd by performing and showing their singing and dancing talents. 




                          (Pick and Act Game)

To close the event, the campers were given an opportunity to ask questions about Xiamen University and the IFAS family. The senior students tried to answer all the questions diligently and in details. 


                    (group photo of the communication)

Dean’s speech and opening ceremony

On the morning of July 15th, the opening ceremony of IFAS was held at Room 501, Chengfeng building and attended by the Associate Dean Hu Jinshuai, Li Maoliang and Li Shan. Prof Hu officially and formally welcomed the campers to summer camp by providing a brief introduction to the faculty, academic environment of IFAS. He also emphasized the fact that IFAS is the unique national “985 project” of financial and accounting innovation base. IFAS runs on a global vision and by doing so, it recruits talented students and carries out student exchange programs with international peers. This is supported by classes held in English, which help students improve their communication skills and international exposure. On a lighter note, Prof Hu encouraged the campers to have a wonderful time and great experience in Xiamen. Last but not least, Prof Li Maoliang introduced the innovative financial laboratory of IFAS. Some students had several questions which were all answered by the professors.  


                      (Associate Dean, Professor Hu Jinshuai)


                           (Professor Li Maoliang)

The opening ceremony was followed by a talk on “Xiamen University in My Heart” delivered by the Dean of IFAS, Professor Ye Jianming. The talk was delivered in the Science and Art Center of Xiamen University. The Dean told the story of his study life in Xiamen University, displaying the academic and ecological beauty of Xiamen University and elaborately expressed his deep love for Xiamen University. The Dean highlighted that Xiamen University had a humanistic and thirsty academic spirit and wished the campers well in all their endeavors.   


                     (Dean of IFAS, Professor Ye Jianming)

Evaluation and selection

The comprehensive assessment of talent was also an important part of the summer camp. The selection criteria were based on a combination of written tests and interviews, comprehensively examining their foreign language level and psychological quality of the campers. The interview replaced the formalized self-introduction by personalized slides, which was another way of unleashing the continuous innovative part of the students. The students exhibited a high level of charisma, enthusiasm and confidence which impressed the teachers.  

Visiting and learning

As a way of displaying the cultural side and beauty of Xiamen to the campers who were from different parts of China, IFAS arranged a special tour to Jimei (the hometown of Chen Jiageng, a patriotic overseas Chinese who was also the founder of Xiamen University) and another tour to the famous tourist destination-The Gulangyu Islet. Even though the campers were tired, the beauty and cultural charm of Xiamen could not escape the eyes of the visitors.


                          (Visiting Jimei)


                        (Visiting the Gulangyu Islet)

During the summer camp, IFAS also took the campers to visit a famous enterprise of Xiamen - Xtep (China) co., LTD. Leaders of the company gave a detailed introduction to the retail concept, the development of brand culture, and the graduate recruitment policy. Campers also paid a visit to the running laboratory and got more insight into the running and sport science and technology.


                            (Visiting Xtep)

Lecture and discussion

China’s first female PhD in accounting, Dr. Qu Xiaohui, closed the summer camp program with a lecture on the evening of 17th July entitled, “China’s accounting interdisciplinary trends” in Room 501,Chengfeng building. The lecture traced the history of accounting research, and gave a detailed introduction to the research trend of interdisciplinary research about accounting. In the lecture, Professor Qu Xiaohui shared her years of research experience, and gave her own valuable experience on how to study well and how to correct the research attitude. After the lecture, the campers were thrilled to communicate with Professor Qu, and said they had benefited a lot from the lecture and had a more profound understanding of the strong academic atmosphere of IFAS.


                      (lecture by professor Qu xiaohui)

Farewell lunch and blessings

In the afternoon of July 18th, Associate professor, Associate Dean Hu Jinshuai, staff representatives Li Maoliang, Li Shan, Director of the office Ye Ling and several other staff attended the farewell lunch. Student representative Wu Chenyue hosted the lunch. Associate professor, Associate Dean Hu Jinshuai summarized the five days’ summer camp. He appreciated the campers’ participation and commended the campers for their outstanding performance. He concluded by wishing them all the best of luck in achieving their dreams in the future. Liu Suyi, gave a speech on behalf of the campers and noted that all the campers had benefited a lot from the program and would be delighted to join the IFAS family in the future. 

Finally, Associate Professor Hu Jinshuai issued a certificate to each camper and group photos ware taken at the end.


                  (Issue summer camp certificates)

The 2017 IFAS national excellent undergraduate summer camp came to a successful completion. It was a precious experience for all campers, and promising growth for the institute. The summer camp each year is always special and unique, not only because of the new faces who come each year but because IFAS continues to offer the students the best in helping them realize their dreams to become great global leaders in the business world.