2016 XMU’s Accounting and Financial Seminar was Successfully Held

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From July 12 to July 15, 2016 XMU’s Accounting and Financial Seminar was held at J1-208, which was co-organized by SMXMU, Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies and Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University. During the same period, MIT Asia conference of Accounting took place in Xiamen too. Well-known scholars of the MIT Asia conference were warmly invited to join the seminar. Important participants include: the chief editor of JAE-Prof. Michelle Hanlon, from MIT Sloan School of Management; Prof. James S. Ang, from Florida State University, an outstanding scholar of Bank of America; Prof. Hong Xie, from University of Kentucky; Prof. Donghui Wu, from The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Prof. Travis Chow and Prof. Yanju Liu, from Singapore Management University; Prof. Nancy Su, from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Prof. Hua Xin, from University of Louisville; Prof. Bin Li, from The University of Texas at Dallas and same famous experts from domestic universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Hunan University. Prof. Jianming Ye, the Dean of SMXMU and 30 professors from SMXMU’s accounting and financial departments were also present at the meeting. 

Prof. Michelle Hanlon made individual analysis and shared a great deal of original ideas about the trend, the direction and the significance of accounting studies during the 3-day meeting. From the perspective of JAE’s chief editor, based on her achievements in her studies and the papers she published, Prof. Hanlon gave a special lecture on problems such as tax avoidance and tax evasion, and also summarized the problems and provided efficient solutions for doctoral students regarding the topic selection, composition and publication of an excellent thesis. “What’s the research question? Why it is important? And how do we test it?”were three key questions during Prof. Hanlon’s one-to-one guidance for SMXMU’s young teachers and doctoral students during the meeting. Prof. James S. Ang made a speech on corporate finance theory for start-up companies. Prof. Hong Xie and Prof. Donghui Wu gave a detailed elaboration of the academic achievements in the field of auditing. Prof. Donghui Wu went further to make an analysis of the publications of auditing articles on the world’s top accounting journals in the last decade and pointed out the direction and research methods of auditing studies. 

On the afternoon of July 13 and July 14, young teachers of SMXMU gave keynote speeches on their unpublished essays and received valuable suggestions and advices from authoritative professors in the relevant field through one-to-one discussions. Scholars participated in the meetings include: Prof. Travis Chow, Prof. Yanju Liu, Prof. Nancy Su, Prof. Hua Xin and Prof. Bin Li, etc. 

Through keynote speeches, thesis criticism and one-to-one guidance, the 2016 seminar invited renowned foreign scholars and journal editors to have effective communication and interaction with SMXMU’s young teachers and students. The meeting is expected to play an important role in the improvement of XMU’s research ability, the enhancement of XMU’s reputation in the field of accounting and financial studies and the better introduction of oversea academic talents.